Rumors Ablaze: Windows Mobile 7 Edition

Here come the rumors again. This time, it revolves around Windows Mobile 7.

Microsoft has so far done a great job of keeping their lips sealed about how their new mobile OS will look and perform. Some phone manufacturors such as LG have supposedly been given the specs required to run Windows Mobile 7.

The latest rumors are as follows:

  • The new UI will be similar to the Zune HD UI
  • The UI is described as being “very clean” and “alive” (whatever that means)
  • The OS won’t support multitasking but the applications will pause themselves in the background
  • Push Notifications
  • No Flash Support (Not now at least)
  • Full Xbox Integration (Avatars, Achievements, etc)
  • Full Zune Integration
  • Social Networking
  • App Marketplace which feature a try before you buy support

The rumored launch date for Windows Mobile 7 is somewhere in September which is the time most Windows Mobile 7 phones will come out.

Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do because of the iPhone and now the surging Android OS. Expect the announcement at Mobile World Congress in the middle of this month.

[PPC Geeks]


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