SuperBowl XLIV Review: Lackluster Ads And Unexciting Football

Now that we have all calm down from what is called the Superbowl, I think it’s best if we put things in perspective: The entire event was not as good as we all hoped it would be.

Hear me out for a second. It was a feel good story in the end when the saints finally won their first superbowl. But to be honest, the entire game was somewhat flat when you compare it to last year (Steelers-Cardinals) and even the last one before that (Patriots-Giants). There weren’t lots of exciting plays. There weren’t great catches and there weren’t any super plays I can remember from that game. It was boring. I was actually hoping for a more exciting game but I was let down.

In the end, congrats to the new Superbowl champs, New Orleans Saints.

Now onto the ads that most people talk about during the superbowl. What a stinker! Worst ads to be put on television. Has it got to the point where marketers think the American audience are just a bunch of idiots on a couch and therefore show a bunch of moronic commercials??? Don’t get me wrong, there a couple of commercials which made me laugh but the overall look was very bad.

Bad commercial after another were just popping up everywhere. Beer commercials showed the usual and others think that all men like to walk around in their underpants.

That Tebow ad which had people all up in arms was a totally flop because truthfully, it was boring! It didn’t catch my attention one bit. What a waste of money.

The winners of the best ads had to be the Google ad, Volkswagon and a few others but overall, it was a horrible day for advertisers.

The half-time show???? More like half time pee break. The Who? Are they still relevant?? I know CBS wants to keep things clean but that was the worst Superbowl half-time show I’ve seen. Hey CBS, how about a little more excitement next time. How about Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Prince (wht not!) and heck, you could have got Taylor Swift since she likes popping that weird face on our television screens.

People may find things different than I do but I really think that the entire event was lackluster. Bad half-time show, bad ads and uninspiring football. The only exciting moment was when Peyton Manning got picked off for a touchdown. That was the ultimate highlight of the game.

Maybe next year it will be better.

Till next time. Who Dat say they gonna beat them saints? Not the Colts. Saints – Superbowl champs

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