What We Didn’t See From Windows Phones 7 Series

Microsoft came out with their new Windows Mobile 7 Series. Here’s a couple of things that we didn’t see at MWC 2010:

  1. Project Pink: Many speculated that we might actually see something from the infamous project pink but sadly, it seemed to be a no show. No one really knows what Project Pink. Project Pink itself could be the collaboration of both the Zune and Windows Mobile team and not a hardware.
  2. Multitasking: Even though we heard rumors that the OS wouldn’t be able to multi-task, we still didn’t get a look about how the app functionality would work. It was heard that you would be able to “pause” apps and do something else and then jump back into it at anytime. But it still wasn’t demoed. Hopefully more details will come
  3. Mobile Internet Explorer: Most people hate Mobile IE. It’s slow and just plain sucks. The IE version on the Zune HD however, works great. Many people are wondering if it will be exported to Windows Mobile 7 Series. Again, it wasn’t demoed but the guys from Microsoft said it will be something new. We’ll wait and see.
  4. Silverlight: I think Silverlight is a great piece of technology. The look and feel of it just makes it look so cool. No word on whether it will be supported in the new OS. Perhaps, when new phones are released that have higher CPU, the Silverlight team will work on it. Right now, I don’t see it coming yet.
  5. No Phones (Yet!): The obvious one here is that Microsoft just displayed the UI and OS system but didn’t have any hardware to demo. But rest assured, in the coming weeks, Windows Mobile 7 Series hardware will come out. I expect HTC to be the frontrunner.

I was reading a ZDnet blog and this question came out: If the Zune service is now on Windows Phones, does that mean we won’t see any more Zune HD devices? Is Microsoft just going to phase out the hardware and work more on the Zune software?

It seems logical for MS to do that. Hopefully, Microsoft will launch one more Zune HD device and sell it outside the US to help with the launch of Windows Mobile 7. I highly doubt it but I may be wrong.


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