Blur Multiplayer Impressions: Mario Kart On Steroids

Add some Burnout+weapons of Mario Kart= Bizarre Creations new game: Blur.

First of all, this is one of the most fun racing games I’ve had in a while. Like I said before, this game is like Mario Kart except it’s a more realistic form.

This is basic racing game with a twist. There are different cars, each with different speeds, grips, and acceleration stats. When racing, your car has a health bar when plays a vital part when playing. If you lose all your health bar, you’re get wrecked a la Burnout. Your car restarts and you’re off to a slow start.

There are different power-ups/weapons placed throughout the racing stage you’re racing. There are power-ups for defense and power-ups for offense. You will have TONS of fun with these power-ups especially the offense ones. After  a couple of plays, my favorite  power-up was the homing type missile power-up. Great fun.

You get points for doing various stuff like drifting, powerslides, using power-ups effectively and various other things. These points help boast your rank and help upgrade to new cars and new mods which are grouped into Defense, Offense and Balanced forms.

I played the multiplayer beta and I think when the full game comes out, everybody is going to jump on this. The developers at Bizarre Creations have also integrated Twitter and I think Facebook is also coming. Very smart.

All in all, this game is fun. Very addictive and rewarding. The multiplayer is definitely going to be the highlight when this game comes out. Did I forget to mention, you can play up to 20 players in one race? Crazy!

I did get disconnected from time and time and a few glitches here and there but it’s a beta and I think it will get worked out when the game ships.

Kudos to Bizarre Creations. The opportunity to play a beta version was a very smart idea and I hope many other games follow suit and continue with more beta testing of their games.


4 thoughts on “Blur Multiplayer Impressions: Mario Kart On Steroids

  1. vortex12199 on July 7, 2012 bikes were the BEST thing that happened to makriraot. Can you wheelie in a kart? drift tight in a kart? spindrift in a kart? do most of the shortcuts in mkwii with a kart? NOPE

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