No Michael Bay Here: Transformers: Battle For Cybertron Video Game

Michael Bay first introduced us to the Decepticons and Autobots in his transformers movie. Then still riding high from the first movie, he decided to take the $100 million budget he had to make a second movie and basically took a huge crap on it.

As movies go, so do the video games that come along with it. The first game that came along was basically the same formula we see with movie and video game tie-ins: basic load of crap. The second game came along and all it did was provide more toilet paper.

In comes a new transformers game. But wait, there’s no transformers movie coming out? Odd. Maybe this time, the developers will have a better time crafting a better game. By the early looks of it, I can say it’s coming along great.

Forget all about Michael Bay’s movies and the appearances of Megan Fox (it’s hard, i know) and think back to the cartoon version of the transformers.

The setting of the game is on Cybertron and an epic civil war battle is taking place between the Autobots and Decepticons.

There are two separate campaigns: Decepticons and Autobots. Each campaign has its own story. This is completely different Transformers than you think you know. How different? Different in the fact that Optimus Prime is not even a prime yet! Starscream is not a decepticon (yet).

In the game, you will finally find out why Megatron is so evil.

The gameplay has been described as having a “Gears of War” feel. There is a cover system. It is in the third-person shooter style format.

Your health bar is made of several boxes and as you take damage, the health in a box drains. Get to safety and it recharges. If you lose all the heath in a box, it stops regenerating and health starts draining from the next box. There are two ways to restore lost health from a depleted segment: find Energon cubes or get healed by Ratchet (if you’re playing as an Autobot).

Word is that there will be some boss fights and they will be huge.

Some of the popular Transformers will be in the game and some others will not. Hopefully if this game goes  well, the sequel will feature more Transformers (dinobots perhaps?)

Head over to Gametrailers for more in-depth look at the gameplay.

Could this the “Batman: Arkham Asylum” for the Transformers series? We’ll see in May


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