MIX 10: Windows Mobile 7 Is A Serious Game Changer

On going is Microsoft’s Mix 10 event and the headliner is of course Windows Mobile 7. After what I saw at today’s events, it looks like Microsoft is serious about getting back into the mobile space and grab back its share.


The big showing today was Silverlight. Microsoft had already stated that Silverlight tools would be available to developers and today they showed off some of it today. It’s not Silverlight Mobile or Silverlight Lite but the full Silverlight experience on the Windows Mobile 7.


The Windows Mobile 7 Marketplace was also shown and it looks pretty nice. It has a “Trial” feature for some apps. The length of the trial time is up to the developers. The marketplace also supports credit card purchases and operator billings.

Apps, Apps, and More Apps

There are tons of apps lining up to be on Windows Mobile 7. The first app shown was the AP news app. I have to say it looked pretty good. Very visual and very pretty. The app was ad-supported and as much as I hate ads, this was an exception. The ad was from Ford and it displayed a ford vehicle appearing and the bottom of the scream and accelerating.

Some Xbox Live games were also shown. It’s a lot of stuff to cover. Gizmodo does a good job of summarizing everything. Check it out here

Mix 10 Videos:



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