EA Planning To Release Premium DLC In The Future. Will You Pay For A $15 Demo?

EA is planning to release Premium DLCs in the future prior to the full game’s launch according to Michael Pacter.

Basically EA is planning to sell PDLCs to consumers ahead of a game’s release for most of it’s upcoming titles. These PDLCs will be released through PSN and Xbox Live. After the PDLC, the full game will sell at retail price when it hits stores.

You will basically be paying for a demo/beta version of the game and give the developer feedback for them to tweak features and bugs.

EA is planning to test this starting April 2010.

The question is: Will you actually pay for a demo/beta game or just wait for the full game to be released?

I think demos are better off free and if you look at what Activision is doing with their racer Blur, why should people pay for demo/beta games?




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