First Madden 11 Details Coming Soon

Madden 11 is currently in development and is probably scheduled for an August release. Last year’s Madden was a step up graphically and presentation wise. However some things still sucked out loud and needed immediate attention.

I have already written my piece about how I feel about Madden(NFL 2K vs Madden, Madden 11)

Right now, the Madden 11 team is working on receiver intelligence. This is to prevent your dumb receiver from running out of bounds when catching the ball.

They are using tools to help receivers recognize first downs and out of bounds line. The Madden team also said they are working on mid-air collisions with receivers. The strength of your receivers will also play a part in whether your receiver will come down with the ball.

Moving forward, I for one hope the guys at Madden pay a little more attention to both presentation and player animations. The commentary in Madden 10 was the first thing I’ve ever heard (basically, Tom Hammond sucks!). I would like to see more receiver catching animations and also, how about make the Superbowl presentation a little more exciting. Simply putting text in a box claiming how many people will consume Fritos and Lays is not the way to go. Nobody likes to read in a video game. Nobody! We like to see animations. Work on that.

I’m really hoping that the guys at Madden really pull of a great product. They have the NFL license as well as the ESPN license but I feel it’s not being utilized enough.

Check back for more details tomorrow.


The Madden 11 blog is up here.



One thought on “First Madden 11 Details Coming Soon

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