Opera Mini Browser Submited To iPhone App Store. Rejection Waiting To Happen?

The first time I heard that Opera wanted to release a browser app for the iPhone, I thought they were nuts. It looks like they are calling everyone’s bluff and have gone through with officially submitting the app for approval from Apple. The question is: Will it get rejected?

The people are Opera aren’t completely void on what they are doing. According to them, they read the App approval guidelines and from what they read, Apple can’t reject them. In short, Apple can’t reject the Opera Mini Browser because it may not directly violate rules laid out in Apple’s software development kit (SDK). Basically Opera Mini is a proxy browser that delivers Web pages through Opera’s servers.

If Apple rejects the app, it’s going to get some attention because many people would see it as Apple playing bully to other browsers that want to compete on their platform. If Apple decided that only Safari would remain the only browser on its Mac OS system, there would be ruckus but can you apply that to the iPhone?

It’s going to be interesting to see whether Apple rejects or approves the app. If it rejects it, they have to enough detail on why it was rejected. If it is approved, it could cut into Safari’s browser share.

This should be interesting…

[Opera Counter]


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