CONFIRMED!: Apple Working On Next Gen iPhone, Coming This Summer To Verizon?

As if we didn’t already know, Apple has been working on the next gen iPhone and now it looks like the Wall Street Journal has confirmed it. The WSJ also confirmed that Apple is working on a CDMA version which means it’s most likely going to be on the Verizon network.

Some people had already dubbed the new iPhone, the iPhone HD, which seems kind of silly. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple was indeed working on an HD version of the iPhone. With the HTC EVO coming out, it makes sense for Apple to join in the HD fun.

This has huge implication. If the iPhone does indeed come to Verizon, I suspect there will be a new wave of people jumping on the Apple bandwagon. For years, people have complained that the iPhone was locked onto AT&T’s network and now that Apple is going to Verizon, I think people will buy it.

The only loser that seems to coming out of this is AT&T. The major cashcow for the network has always been the iPhone and now that’s its going to another network, people are way more likely to go with Verizon and stick it to AT&T. With Sprint announcing the HTC EVO with 4G capability, AT&T will start to lose its appeal.

The end of the year is starting to look pretty good. The Sprint HTC EVO with 4G looks interesting, the new iPhone as well as the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series.

This will be interesting in the coming weeks. Summer can’t come soon enough.



3 thoughts on “CONFIRMED!: Apple Working On Next Gen iPhone, Coming This Summer To Verizon?

  1. If you mean turn by turn direction, no. The Iphone does not have indelcud navigation software but it does have location services, which does show the direction you are facing. However, there apps such as Tom Tom for the iPhone if you are interested in navigation. Go to the iTunes store and type in navigation. I’m sure there are other low cost apps that do this. Was this answer helpful?

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