One Thing I Like About The iPad – It Pushes HTML 5 To The Next Stage

I’ve already stated my thoughts about Apple’s new creation, the iPad. I was underwhelmed but it seems people are excited about the new Tablet(?).

Despite all that, I do have love for what the iPad is going to do: Push HTML 5 to the forefront.

If you don’t already know, Apple’s so called Tablet PC doesn’t run flash. No Hulu. No Video streaming in some cases. None of that. But because Apple has that power that most companies don’t, people would like to be in good company of the iPad.

Some companies are already working on rolling out HTML 5 content on their sites. as well as the New York Times are leading the forefront and CBS is reportedly doing testing.

If more support comes out for the iPad, more companies are likely to try out the new HTML 5 format to shine some attention on themselves. Most importantly, this will actually bring some competition to Adobe Flash and maybe even Silverlight. I’ve always said competition is good and sometimes brings out innovation from a company.

FYI, if you didn’t already know, the iPad will be launching on April 3 at Apple and Bestbuy stores. No doubt Mac-heads will be in line for this device.

Because of the Apple brand, the iPad could be a success but as far being innovative, I find fault with that.


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