Is The iPad Really The Future?

Is it me or have we been bombarded with everything iPad this week? It’s everywhere. On gadget sites like Gizmodo and Engadget and even on TV on shows like David Letterman, The Colbert Report and Modern Family. The reviews are coming in fast and furious and the consensus is simply: Great device and a revolution.

But my question is simple: is it really a revolution or just an Apple product that is overhyped?

I remember when the iPhone was first unveiled by Steve Jobs. I was really blown away. It was the future phone that I and many others had been waiting for. Apple started a phone revolution and the whole industry followed.

When Jobs showed up with the iPad, I was honestly underwhelmed. It could have been that my expectations were really high and I was expecting something mind-blowing.

So what really makes people say the iPad is the future?

It was supposedly said to be a netbook killer. But comparing an iPad to a netbook, a netbook can do stuff an iPad can’t. It can multitask, run flash, use CDs and other stuff.

The iPad has the clear advantage in having touch technology as well as a processor chip specifically designed for it.

What about software? The iPad is an Apple product and is strictly locked into iTunes to download apps. Compared to laptops and netbooks, you have a far more variety when it comes to software.

Flash? Not here. The iPad won’t support it. The iPad doesn’t have Flash support and Steve Jobs is banking on HTML 5. If you look closely, Apple has a bit of an advantage here. Everybody wants to be in Apple’s pocket and there are quickly redesigning their sites to do HTML 5. ABC, Hulu, CNN and the New York times are confirmed to be able to run on the iPad on launch day. Honestly, that’s a good thing. HTML 5 can rival Adobe Flash and therefore increase competition. Competition is a good thing.

A tech guy like me can look at this product and see it for what it can and can’t do and decide not to buy it. But my mom can look at this device, see what it can do and actually want one. She’s not looking at the specs and all that. She’s looking at what it CAN do. That is what is going to make the iPad successful.

So is the iPad really the future in computing? I don’t particularly think so. But like the iPhone, Apple is going to push the industry to follow them if the device is successful. The HP Slate looks to be the closest competitor and more like it will follow.

Apple is a very innovative brand. An announcement from Apple gets everybody’s attention. Is everything they release innovative? Not particularly but they have a good track record.

People will buy the iPad. You can hate on it all you want but it will sell. It’s not the future yet but it’s definitely giving us a sneak peek of what could come next.


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