Scrabble Changes Rules To Include Proper Names. The Dumb Ones Win Again! (Updated)

The first time I read the headline, i didn’t pay much attention till I read what the rules were about. The makers of Scrabble are changing to rules of scrabble which include allowing players to use proper nouns as official words.


This can’t be happening! The reason they did that was so that “young players” can join the game and enjoy themselves.

When I was young, I had to learn and study words just so I could beat my uncle and brother when playing. There was no help for me. Basically the makers of Scrabble are essentially “dumbing down” the game.

What world do we live in where we have to dumb down everything just so we can accommodate everyone? Wasn’t dumbing down the educational system in the US bad enough?

Wait till some 12 year old beats you at Scrabble getting a triple word score by using “John” as his word.

This is a sad day indeed.


It looks like the Proper Noun version is called Scrabble Trickster and will not change the official version. Breathe easy Scrabble heads

[BBC News]


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