Apple Unveils New Features In iPhone OS 4.0

Today, Apple unveiled some new features in the new OS 4.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Steve Jobs started the event off by saying how much the iPads Apple has sold. 450,000 to be precise. He also quoted some early reviews. One was from Walt Mossberg (infamous Apple fanboy). He showed off some apps on the iPad on stage.

Steve then went on towards the iPhone and showed off how the iPhone had won a JD Power award and a pie chart of iPhone internet usage. iPhone OS had 64%.

Steve goes on to the dev preview of the iPhone 4.0 and says its shipping in the summer.

Steve the goes on the 7 new features in iPhone 4.0 starting with multitasking:


When in an app, you just double press the home button and a dock pops up with a list of apps running. It’s somehow “pauses” the app and jumps to the selected app. Nothing really spectacular here but definitely a good look for Apple with multitasking features.

In order to preserve battery and performance, Apple will be providing developers with multitasking APIs. An audio multitasking API can now make it possible for Pandora to run in the background when you go back to the home screen

Another multitasking API was for VOIP. It’s now possible to run Skype in the background with completely closing the app. Even if you’re not running the app, you can still receive calls.

(sidenote: you still getting bloody pop up notifications in the middle of the screen which I still find annoying!)

The next API was for Background Location (TomTom Apps and Maps). You can still get turn-by-turn directions even when running a music app or other apps.

The next thing was Push Notifications. Nothing major here.

The next thing was Task Completion. Basically if you’re uploading stuff like Flickr Pics, it can now work in the background.

The last thing was fast switching. You can now “pause apps” and then return to them right where you left off.

This is something I did not expect. Steve Jobs showed off a “Folder” option for the iPhone.

It’s basically a folder option for the iPhone. Just drag apps into each other and voila, Folder! You can even rename it. Nice one!

The next thing Steve showed was the ability to change the wallpaper. This is SO OLD! I could do that when I jailbroke my iPhone.

The next thing shown was a Global Inbox for mail. I knew this was coming but I didn’t really like the idea.

iBooks is coming to the iPhone. Yawn. Nobody wants to read books on their iPhone. Believe me, I’ve tried.

The iPhone seems to be getting some Enterprise features. That’s some big news. It’s getting better data protection, mobile device management, and wireless app distribution. It’s also getting mail encrypytion APIs (about freaking time!).There is also support for multiple Exchange accounts and Exchange Server 2010.

Next up: Game Center (think Xbox Live). It’s a social gaming network and includes leaderboards and achievements.

Then the Big one: iAd mobile advertising!

Steve Jobs: “So our devs are putting ads into apps, and for lack of a better way to say it, we think most of this kind of advertising sucks“. That stings!

(sidenote: Does Apple have to put an “i” in every product they name?)

How does it work? The iAd feature will be built into the OS 4.0 and Apple will host the ads with Devs getting a 60% revenue share.

Apple built some demo ads with HTML5 (watch out Flash!). Very interactive Toy Story 3 ad was shown. Whether developers will build those types of ads in the future is meant to be seen. Very nice demo of the Toy Story 3 ad.

It looks very impressive. If you’re looking from a marketing perspective, this will definitely interest you. I have to say I was blown away. Great job by Apple!

The iPhone OS 4.0 dev comes out today and will get to consumers in the summer for both the iPhone and iPod Touch users. Big major problem here: New features like multitasking will NOT run for iPhone 3G users iPod Touch 2G. Only iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G users.

And scene!

The biggest thing to come out of this event was the iAd Advertising. Very impressive.

(credit to Engadget for the pics!)



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