My Strained Relationship With Gizmodo

I’m always crawling around the internet looking for tech news and scoops. There are hundreds of blogs out there but I have bookmarked three of my favorite ones: that would be CNET, Engadget and Gizmodo.

I find myself visiting Engadget more often but to get a different perspective, I hit up Gizmodo.

Recently, Gizmodo stumbled onto something big. They came across the iPhone 4G prototype. This resulted in a media frenzy and shined a huge spotlight on Gizmodo. They went to TV shows and gained huge viewership.

Then I heard about the real scoop about they stumbled onto the gadget. For those who don’t know,  a guy lost the prototype phone at a bar. Somebody found it and found it rather unusual for a regular iPhone. He then contacted Gizmodo and Engadget and tried to sell it. The editors at both tech sites were skeptical but Gizmodo forked out the cash for the device.

That sounds reasonable.

But here’s my problem: The guy who found the device clearly knew it was a lost iPhone and sold it to Gizmodo. My problem is the fact that this phone was lost and was sold. As far as ethics goes, one would have tried to find the owner of the device. That’s the problem: The fact that the iPhone was lost and sold. If Gizmodo had not known the phone was stolen, I would understand.

I like to read comments on tech sites to find out what viewers are saying. Most readers repeatedly call out both Engadget and Gizmodo for being Apple fanboys. It makes sense because every Apple event takes over the pages of their sites. I’ve always found that Gizmodo tends to favor more Apple stories than Engadget. I honestly favor Engadget over Gizmodo because I just find their posts more objective than Gizmodo. Gizmodo does write objective posts but they still have more posts which favor more Apple products

Since they posted that Apple iPhone 4G prototype, it seems that they are proving the point of being heavily favored towards Apple products. Not because of the iPhone post itself but because of the posts that followed afterward. The recent post had the following title:”It’s Not About The iPhone”. In it, they write how they have taken away the “magic” of an Apple product. I read the article and I find it difficult to say how the writers at Gizmodo aren’t HUGE fans of Apple and Apple products.

If Gizmodo came out and said they are strictly an Apple tech blog, I would have no problem with that. I would go somewhere else and try and find a more objective tech blog.

Some may call me an Apple hater but I like Apple products. If I see Apple news worth talking about, I’ll write about it and move on. I don’t stay on unless new developments come up.

Gizmodo couldn’t stop posting iPad stuff after it launched. I had to go somewhere else to get my tech news.

I don’t think Gizmodo is an Apple fanboy site but they do talk A LOT about Apple products. If Apple news breaks out, talk about it. If not, lay off the Apple stuff (please).

I personally don’t think the iPhone 4G prototype is a big deal because its a prototype. You may find it more interesting than I do.

I like Gizmodo and I still visit their site. I just wish they were a little more objective. Until then I will get more tech news more frequently from Engadget.


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