Gizmodo Computers Seized By Police = Don’t Mess With Apple!

I somehow saw this coming.

After the story came out about how Gizmodo obtained the next-gen iPhone, some including me became suspicious. Some even concluded that Gizmodo may have broken a law and be involved with theft.

Well it seems the law is on Gizmodo’s tail. Police seized a couple of computers and servers from one of the editors (Jason Chen) last friday but without him present. They had been given warrants to seize them the computers.

I knew something like this would happen. I do feel a bit sorry for Jason but I can’t defend what he did. The whole iPhone situation didn’t go well with me and I feared the law would step in.

It looks like they have.

(Sidenote: Why would you post all the details on your site about this?? Shouldn’t this be a private matter??)



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