Madden NFL 11 First Impressions

I was already skeptical when I first saw the trailer because nothing seemed changed. I will however hold my my final judgement till I see more.

The first feature that came up in the trailer was Game Flow:

Game Flow basically dumbs down the game for players. Instead of players looking through the playbook, the Coach AI selects the play and tells you the reason the play is being selected. The Coach AI yells the play to the player through the quarterback. The old option of manually selecting the plays is still available.

From the first impressions, the game is noticeably faster with new animations added on.

Other noticeable changes is the ability to go straight to the Superbowl with the press of a button.

There’s also a new kicking meeting, new audible abilities as well as some new pre-game animations. One of those animations showed the players exiting their buses wearing suits.

Some new features are Dual Control sticks and a new technology namely Locomotion. This makes the Madden running game a little more life like.

All seems fine and dandy. I’d like to hear more about the new presentation features and also want to know if they fixed the dreadful commentary in last year’s game.

Madden 11 sounds good and even plays well but it looks largely the same. The average consumer may realize the same thing and pass on this game. The Madden hardcore fans may welcome the new features.

My final thoughts: Madden 11 looks the same to me. The new features are welcome but unless they fix the problems from last year, this year’s version will be more like a roster update which doesn’t deserve my $60.

I’m not about EA fixing the visuals but more about improving features. EA themselves said this year’s Madden will bring some innovation.

I don’t trust you EA but I will reserve judgement (for now)

[IGN] [G4TV]


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