Split Second Demo Impression

I got a chance to get a hands on with the split second demo tonight. I’m going to be making a couple of comparisons to the other racing game, Blur, because I find them similar and will give my thoughts on which one you should spend money on.

This game has a storyline. Blur has a storyline I was told but no details have been unveiled except for the fact that Danica Patrick will be voicing one of the characters.

Split Second features the player taking part in a fictional reality TV show where he/she races for money. The game makers have made the game play like a reality show series by having the game split into 24 episodes (I’m assuming 24 levels in video game terms). Each episode features 3 racing events.

On to the details of the game:

This game reminds more Project Gotham Racing with the exception that the whole level is falling apart around you. I have to say that the game looks a little more polished than Blur.  Blur has more of an arcade feel to it.

The HUD is also interesting. Everything you need is on your car.

Your race position, your amount of laps and your power bar is located beneath your car.

Unlike Blur where you can collect Mario Kart-like power-ups for your car, in Split Second you have to do specific skills to power up your bar. These include drifting and jumping. Once you power up your bar to one level, you can execute a power move. Once you see an icon above another racer you can execute it.

Here’s what I thought about the demo:

Unlike Blur, you have to wait till you get to specific spots in the level before you execute a power move. In Blur, if you have a power up, you can easily use it. I thought that sort of limited the power-ups feature.

I thought that the lack of a map didn’t help. The game did show the amount of time you were behind the closest player. The lack of map did however keep the screen clean.

Once you get into the game, it’s super intense! When someone executes a power move, anything can happen.  Rolling exploding cars, helicopters dropping flaming barrels and even a falling tower! The best part of the demo was when a power move was activated and a freaking plane came barreling down the runway!!! That was an intense situation.

The music also has a nice feel when racing. It provides a good atmosphere when racing.

Here’s my final thoughts:

Split Second is definitely a little more polished and better looking  than Blur. The racing is more intense. Blur on the other hand delivers more Mario Kart fun experience. The power ups definitely give it that “fun” factor.

The only thing that I don’t know about Blur is its single player game. Their multiplayer mode definitely gives a more fun factor. 20 player multiplayer is just crazy in that game.

The single player in Split Second actually gives it a better and more interesting back story.

Which game should you buy?

It depends. If you’re more into a realistic looking racing with a story, go with Split Second. The game does have a multiplayer though I doubt it could be as fun as Blur.

If you’re more into multiplayer fun and don’t really care for a story, Blur might be the game for you.

Wait till the official reviews come out before making your decision.


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