Microsoft Kin Review: Good Phone You Won’t Buy But Find Intriguing

Microsoft Kin reviews came out today and there is a mixed reaction which I expected.

Microsoft Kin has been an interesting concept from the beginning and I can’t make heads or tails of it. I can see the direction in which Microsoft is going but the question is whether it’s a good direction.

Most of the reviews came up with some common pros and cons:

  • The software seems to be a little sluggish (hopefully a software update can fix that)
  • The camera is a mixed bag. It’s good at times and bad at times
  • The video is a little better but still has room for improvement
  • It has Zune on it which is a big plus. The addition of Zune Pass on it adds to its advantage
  • The Kin studio is great! Hopefully Microsoft can implement this software with other Windows Mobile phones
  • Battery life is good
  • Pricing is really sketchy: $50 (Kin One) with $100 rebate. $100(Kin Two) with $100 rebate
  • Verizon Plan: $29.99 for a standard smartphone plan. Voice plan $49.99.

So do you need a Kin? Probably not. If you have kids, maybe you could consider if you have the money. But right now, I see the Kin in between a smartphone and a dumb phone (google/bing the difference).

The Kin Studio is interesting but if you’re considering a new phone purchase, hold off for now and look for more Windows Mobile 7 phones in the fall. Maybe you could pick up a Dell Lightening .

The Kin is average at best but not really a flop. A Windows Mobile 7 phone is probably in your best interest.

[Engadget Review]

[Gizmodo Review]




One thought on “Microsoft Kin Review: Good Phone You Won’t Buy But Find Intriguing

  1. Well I signed up for the Kin phone and guess what i won!!!!!!!!!!! I received a free year subscription and two for kin phones what an amazing phone!!!

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