Limewire In Big Trouble In File-Sharing Suit; RIAA Trying To Convice Us They Are The Devil

A federal court found the the company, Limewire, is liable for copyright infringement.

U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood, for the Southern District of New York, granted summary judgment in favor of the music industry’s claims that Limewire engaged in unfair competition, and induced copyright infringement.

The RIAA can now move forward in seeking a preliminary injunction and force Limewire to cease file-sharing.

Limewire has shot back against the judgement and will probably seek an appeal.

I’m in favor of artists and their music but I am in strong opposition against the music industry and music execs.

Here’s my rant: The music industry sucks right now! The quality of music is horrid at best. Nobody wants to go out and buy a CD full of a couple of good songs and a couple of mediocre ones. That’s why people like iTunes. The option to buy single songs instead of whole albums is appealing the fact that the music industry didn’t leap on this business model is shocking at best. Right now, the music industry doesn’t care about their artists but rather the money they make from sales and ringtones.

The real victims of all this mess is the artists themselves. Musicians don’t even make money off CD sales. They make more money when they tour. Most new artists would rather go indie than sign with a major record label.

I like Limewire and they actually try and make file-sharing more legit.

Once again, the RIAA can suck it!



One thought on “Limewire In Big Trouble In File-Sharing Suit; RIAA Trying To Convice Us They Are The Devil

  1. Free is NOT legal 99.9% of the timeThat violates the cogpriyht lawssame thing as walking into a music pile and shoplifting also violates Y/A own guidelines Violating the lawMembers of Yahoo! Answers are not above the law, so don’t post anything that violates the laws of your country, state, province, or city. Don’t try to ploy people into sharing their personal information, steal anything (like cogpriyht or brand material),

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