Artist At Work: Kevin Butler Is The New Playstation Mascot

This Kevin Butler guy is just plain funny. All his ad spots on TV and the internet are hilarious and he’s a very likable character. I can put him with the likes of the Geico gecko as a very recognizable icon for Sony and their Playstation Brand.

In this Ad spot for ModNation, the banter between him and Jack Tretton (Head of Playstation) is great. These guys need to be at E3 together. If not, I’ll be disappointed.


4 thoughts on “Artist At Work: Kevin Butler Is The New Playstation Mascot

  1. 10-11 there are street signs exatcly like the ones in Rio.At 15 it looks like Rio’s most famous theater.At 21 there is a Rio taxi.At 39 the black building to the right is the goverment building.At 42 you can see Praia de Botafogo.At 57 there’s a famous round building from Rio’s downtown.

  2. Great news !This might sound stupid but i will be buynig a sony PS3 slim as soon as they are available, the only reason i haven’t got a sony ps3 at the moment is because i doesn’t fit into my tv cabnet actually misses by 1 cm both ways, so i sold it becasue that was the only place for it, CANT WAIT WOOOOO

  3. 273I followed the adcvie I found online about loading issues with X Men First Class not loading on my PS3 and now it loads fine. But like mentioned above, the audio works great and the video lags. This is my third copy so I can’t imagine it is an issue with the manufactoring. Unless Marvel has decided to ignore ALL quality assurances, I have to assume this is a Play Station problem, especially since the movie works great on my Sony Blue Ray Player. From what I’ve read the issue has been going on since the release date. How long does it take to fix a system that is completely connected by a network?135

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