Google Takes A TON Of Jabs At Apple, Debuts Froyo (Yes, It Runs Flash!)

Google officially announced Android 2.2 (Froyo) and I have to say, it looks awesome.

Here’s the new features you will be seeing in the new Android:

It Runs Flash:

Yes  folks, Flash 10.1 looks great and smooth on the Android. From the demo that was shown, it run very smoothly and looked great. Google even took some jabs at Apple during the showing.

Froyo also has some other nice features such as accessing the camera from the browser, Youtube HQ, ability to automatically update all your apps without manually doing it, Tethering and tons more which all look good.

Google also made the claim that their browser is the fastest mobile browser and they run a spidermonkey test on stage an it showed.

Froyo is not out yet but if Google makes refinements to the OS, it could rival and perhaps overtake Apple because they have the advantage of running Flash.

I don’t know about you but I’m less interesting in the new iPhone and thinking about getting an Android device. HTC EVO?



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