Ballmer Rumored To Be Appearing At Apple WWDC; Silverlight On iPhone? (Update: He’s Not Coming!))

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is going to make an appearance at Apple’s WWDC.

According to an analyst from Global Equities Research, Trip Chowdhry, a seven minute chunk of Steve Jobs’ June 7th keynote has been reserved for a Microsoft presentation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Ballmer is going to be the representative.

The question is, what would Ballmer be doing at Apple WWDC. Here’s a couple of things:

Silverlight for iPhone:

Microsoft is already working on Silverlight for its own Windows Mobile 7 platform. It would make sense for Silverlight to be ported to the iPhone. Silverlight is seen as an alternative to Flash which we all know Steve Jobs hates. The question is whether Steve Jobs will be open to Silverlight. But its worth a speculation.

Bing as new search provider:

The relationship between Google and Apple has become strained. There have been rumors that Microsoft has been working on a deal with Apple to become the new search provide for Apple’s Safari browser.

This could be a big deal if Microsoft does do a deal with Apple. Silverlight on iPhone somewhat is more of a big deal more for Microsoft and is more of a way for Apple to further stick it to Flash.

WWDC is right around the corner. We’ll have to wait and see what happens until then.


According to Microsoft’s twitterfeed, Ballmer WILL NOT be at Apple WWDC. Kind of disappointing. Oh well, one can dream.



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