What Microsoft Needs To Do To Make Zune More Competitive

Let’s be honest, Microsoft has done a bad job at promoting both its Zune HD product and the Zune brand itself. One reason most people say  Microsoft jumped into the mp3 market was to compete with Apple and iTunes.

Fast forward and Microsoft Zune is barely a whisper. Apple currently controls the mp3 market, Microsoft is not even in 2nd place. Sandisk holds that position.

I’ve come up with a few suggestions that Ballmer needs to do to make Zune better:

1. Advertising:

When’s the last time Microsoft has shown a Zune ad on TV? How about never. After Microsoft had a huge marketing campaign with its first outing of the first Zune, the new Zune has been non-existent to the consumers. The Zune HD is an impressive device but has been poorly advertised to consumers.

If Microsoft wants the Zune (both product and brand) to be successful, they have to shell out some marketing cash.

2. Zune In Other Microsoft Products:

Microsoft has already done one step and thats putting its Zune brand on the Xbox 360. In order to make Zune more noticeable, Microsoft is also putting Zune in its new Windows Mobile 7 platform. When Microsoft puts out other entertainment products, they need to make Zune its primary media.

When Microsoft puts out Windows 8, get rid of Windows Media Player and make the Zune software its primary media player.

3. Zune Pass should be front and center:

I never liked the idea of a music subscription service but after I got a hands on with the free trial, my opinion has completely changed. The ability to stream music on any computer and even a Zune player with WiFi is very intriguing. To make Zune Pass more competitive, price aggressively. Make the Zune Pass $5 -$10 a month. Rhapsody already beat Microsoft with some nice ads on its subscription service. Time for Microsoft to step up.

4. Advertising

I cannot stress this enough! Believe me, people are still clueless about what a Zune HD is.

If all else fails:

5. Kill the Zune HD player:

Yep, kill it. Cease the production of Zune HD and cut your costs. If Microsoft continues to fail at becoming competitive with the iPod, you need to get out of the market. This would at least help Microsoft more at the software side of the Zune.

That’s just my suggestion. After the recent shake up in Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, some of these points could help Microsoft in the long run.


One thought on “What Microsoft Needs To Do To Make Zune More Competitive

  1. Liked all but the last one.
    Kill it? Nahhhh.
    Do two things………
    Add silverlight….NOW
    Create an environment that has LOTS OF APPS…
    Most of us know and understand that the Zune HD is a ‘Media Player’, not a ‘Device To Do Everything”.
    But, the issue today is, every device that comes out is being compared against iPod Touch like devices.
    No APPS ( A LOT OF APPS ) is a deal breaker for many. Even if it is a bunch of farting apps.

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