What To Expect AT WWDC 2010? (Hint: There Will New Phones) (Update: Safari 5 On Deck)

Ok folks, Apple’s Developer conference is on Monday and everybody is expecting something big. I can already see the basics of what’s going to happen and so let me tell what I think:


Steve Jobs is going to come and do what he routinely does and that is run off the latest numbers from sales. He’s probably going to mention the 2 million iPads sold which is huge for Apple. He’s going to run off iPod and iPhone numbers as well as the number of Apps in the market.

New iPhone!

Yep, the infamous iPhone 4G/HD is expected to be presented at WWDC. AT&T is already prepping their employees to receive the new phone.

The basics of the new iPhone are as follows:

  • Higher Resolution
  • Bigger battery
  • New form factor
  • Video Chat/front facing camera

Apple TV

The new Apple TV might be making an appearance. Don’t know how much of an impact it will make. Apple themselves have gone on record to say Apple TV is more of a hobby. I do expect some sort of use of the iPad as well as the iPhone with the new Apple TV so watch out for that.


This might be Apple’s step into the cloud with iTunes. With iTunes in the cloud, this may enable users to browse and listen to their iTunes content in the cloud. We’ll have to wait and see.

There might be other stuff like Macbook upgrades but it might be separate from the presentation.

Monday is going to be going interesting. The question is whether the new iPhone will be significant. The inclusion is a front facing camera is cool but the Sprint EVO is already doing that. The only way Apple will blow away the competition is if it does the new iPhone better than whats coming out.


It looks like Safari 5 is going to make its debut at WWDC. Check out the list below for the new updates:


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