Transformers: War For Cybertron Demo Impressions

I just played the Transformers War For Cybertron Multiplayer Demo and and I have to say, its good:

First of, this was just the multiplayer feature of the game and so I can’t say much about the campaign mode.

The guys at High Moon Studios should be given high praise for what the first 2 transformers game failed to do. They have made a Transformers game that is great to play.

The demo features two mode of multiplayer: Team Deathmatch and Conquest

Team Deathmatch is what you expect. You get to play as either a Decepticon or Autobot and play in a team against other players in a shootout battle.

Conquest mode reminds me a bit of a mode in Modern Warfare 2 whereas you capture nodes/flags at 3 different points on the map and defend them.

In both modes, you can choose different classes before you start the game. In the demo, you’re given 2 classes: Soldier and Scout. The Soldier has more powerful guns and transforms into a tank whereas the Scout is faster and has a quicker faster rate of fire from its weapons. It transforms into a tiny car which is very speedy.


So how does the game play? Very well in my opinion. The Transformation of each robot is very quick simple to do. All you have to do is click the left stick on the controller. Each robot also has two special abilities on both the left and right bumper buttons. One special ability allowed me to hover and the other allowed me to go postal and go into a spinning motion with my weapon out and anybody in my vicinity took a huge hit.

You have 2 different weapons at your disposal. You have a machine gun weapon and if you hit the Y button, it switches into a missile/shotgun weapon.

The robots themselves feel very heavy when moving. If you want to move faster, you would want to transform and use the accelerate button. All in all, it feels like you’re in the control of a huge and heavy robot.

There are small spinning cubes located around the map which help replenish your health which adds a little strategy to the game.


If the game’s campaign mode is as good as the multiplayer, then this Transformers game is a hit. It reminds me of when Batman Arkham Asylum came on the scene and totally changed what Batman games could be. I think War For Cybertron could do the same thing to the Transformers franchise.

If you’ve been looking for a good enough Transformers game to play, this might be the game for you. Look for it on June 22.


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