E3 2010: Electronic Arts E3 Conference

First of: New Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit announced and coming 11/16/2010. Great trailer shown.

Gameplay featured 2 players playing as cop and racer. Looked very slick!

Dead Space 2 was shown with gameplay. Yes, I was scared:

Medal Of Honor gameplay shown. A gameplay featuring 24 multiplayer on stage! Looking very nice. Very modern-esque. The game reminded me of Battlefield 2 but with cooler visuals.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Expansion featuring Vietnam coming soon. (Winter 2010)

EA Sports MMA introduced by Peter Moore. EA Sports Live Broadcast introduced and features live showing of players fighting each other on both console and the web. EA MMA coming October 16.

EA Sports Active 2.o on shown and featured a heart rate monitor. A demo was shown with Microsoft’s Kinect.

Madden 11 was also showcased with their tagline of being simpler. It looks like last years version but with some added features like Game Flow.

Crysis 2 was on stage and as well as being multiplatform on both Xbox 360 and PS3, 3D gameplay was also shown.

Bulletstorm was presented by Gears of War 3 creator, Cliff Bleszinski. The game is easily described as cheesy but very visually pleasing.

The last game was Star Wars: The Old Republic. A nice trailer was shown with a possible playable demo on the show floor.

All in all, great show by EA. The games looked good and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit reboot was definitely a welcome.


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