E3 2010: Xbox 360 Conference Wrap Up (Update: Kinect Camera To Cost $149 According To Gamestop)

Call of Duty Black Ops trailer and first ever gameplay. It looked great. It had very nice visuals. They had the player controlling a chopper. Looks like a must buy.

Metal Gear Solid was next up on the Xbox 360. First gameplay footage was shown. Looking very good.

Gears Of War 3 video gameplay was shown with 4 player Co-op. It featuured mutating Lambent and ability to switch weapons with other players. The gameplay was Epic! Very violent and gruesome.

Fable 3 was up next. A trailer with some gameplay footage was shown and a release date: October 26, 2010.

Halo Reach up on stage next with some gameplay footage from the Halo Reach campaign. Its everything you expect from Halo. Great music, great atmosphere and great gameplay. Very fast paced with the Covenant being very agile. Surprise: Space ship battles in Halo in space! It looked very good.

The Kinect camera was talked about on stage with a demo on stage. Demo of signing to Xbox 360 dashboard. A new menu UI for Kinect was shown. Voice recognition was also used on stage. Minority Report is officially here. New Zune music playing UI also looked good.

Windows Phone 7 got a mention about how it connected with Xbox Live.

Video Kinect demo was shown on stage. Microsoft’s version of Apple’s FaceTime. The Kinect camera can track users and allow both users to play movies and view other stuff together.

ESPN is now on Xbox 360!!! Wow! Big surprise here! It includes live events including college basketball and football. The biggest surprise is that its available with no additional cost for Gold members.

Microsoft then decided to kill us with cuteness with a demo of Kinectimals with a cute girl doing the demo.

Kinect Sports was demoed on stage. Track and Field game was demoed. It looked like a huge workout. Say goodbye to fat kids. Kinect Sports looked like Wii Sports but without the Wiimote.

Joyride, Microsoft’s Avatar based video game was demoed with Kinect. It looked like ModNation Racer.

Kinect Adventures was demoed. 2 players resulted in a split screen. As a guy who likes controllers, this Kinect camera has got me interested.

Ubisoft showed “Your Shape” (Think Wii Fit). A full body scan was done by the Kinect camera. Looked very futuristic. Martial Arts, Yoga are activities you can do in Your Shape.

MTV games was next up and they showed Dance Central. It looked good. I might be up for that. Its coming this Holiday.

Microsoft Kinect is officially launching with 15 launch titles on November 4th.

A Star Wars game demo was shown using the Kinect camera. Light sabre fights. Check. Darth Vadar. Check.

Forza Racing was demoed on stage using the Kinect camera.

The biggest surprise of the event (unless you’re read the rumors): Xbox 360 slim redesign unveiled! Built-in WiFi, 250 GB and a whisper fan (Thank God!). An Oprah moment happened: Everybody in attendance got one!

The price: $299. Available: NOW! (Starting Tomorrow)

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Summary of the event:

Some games that were expected like Halo Reach and Gears Of War 3 were shown. The event comprised mostly of Microsoft’s Kinect camera. The biggest surprise was definitely the ESPN announcement. The Hulu announcement did not come as expected. Hulu may be still working on the subscription model. I do expect it later in the year.

All in all, Microsoft took the huge step with their Kinect camera. This is definitely not for core gamers but rather the family experience. No pricing was announced but if Microsoft does pricing right, they have a huge hit with Kinect. The rumors are circulating that it will cost $149 which to me seems fair.

We’ll see what happens when they finally announce the price.


According to Gamespot pre-orders, the Kinect camera might cost $149. Seems fair to me. Check out Gamespot and see for yourself


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