E3 2010: Sony Playstation 3 Conference Wrap Up

The main focus of the Sony E3 event revolved around 3D gaming. Many 3d games such as Killzone 3, Crysis 2 and other games were shown in full 3d. The consensus of the gaming heads at the event was that it was impressive.

Playstation Move was then showcased on stage. Sony is trying to connect the casual and core games. Socom 4 is compatible with the Move. Tiger Woods 11 was shown as well. One thing that I drew from the showcasing of the Move was a bit of a step up from the Wii. The Playstation Move has the graphics and hardware as well Blu-Ray to compete with the Wii with its motion controller. Nintendo may have to upgrade to a more powerful device or else Sony could steal its audience.

The Playstation Move controller will cost $50. The Navigator controller (which you will probably need) will cost $30. A bundle will also be available with both controllers and cost $400.

Kevin Butler came on stage and did a great job! I love this guy! Great personality and great stage presence. Kevin Butler is sure to be the face of the PS3 for many years.

The PSP was shown with some new titles such as God of War and Metal Gear. The disappointing part was that there was no announcement of a new PSP2. Not even a hint of it. Nintendo had already announced the Nintendo 3DS and frankly, it made the PSP look outdated.

Playstation Plus was introduced as Sony’s subscription service for the PS3. The service will cost $50/year and will give users access to premium services such as early demos and beta games as well as discount prices. It should interesting to see if it will catch on.

Portal 2 as well as Twisted Metal were the huge surprises from Sony. Many fanboys were extremely happy at the end of the day.

In the end, Sony came strong leading with huge titles with 3d capability as well as some nice games such as Killzone 3. It was a strong show for Sony but the disappointment was the lack of a new PSP. There were not huge surprises that stole the show.

All in all, Sony looks to be in the lead with more games and leading the gaming world with 3D


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