Average Consumer Review Of iOS 4 (iPhone 3G User)

Today, I updated my iPhone 3G to the new iOS 4 firmwire.

First of, the update process if AWFUL. First, you have to update iTunes to the 9.2 version. I would wish that Apple could ease this process because I find it quite annoying to always re-install iTunes every time a new version is released.

On to the iPhone update itself: I tried to update the phone and the backup process took FOREVER! If you’re backup process is still taking long, do what I did: Un-sync all your apps, photos and stuff like that and the backup process will ease up.

Now on to the iPhone OS 4.

As a iPhone 3G owner, I’m missing the best part of the new software: Multitasking!

The only update you get is A Global Mailbox which puts all your email in one box, Folders to put apps in and a little visual design. You also get iTunes playlist creation and editing and a zoom feature for the camera. But the camera zoom is useless because it just blurs the images when you zoom.

As a iPhone user, I’m really disappointed. It feels like Apple basically left out the best part of the iOS4 for iPhoen 3G users. It feels like they want you to buy the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to make use of the best features.

I have to say my iPhone 3G seems faster and I like the Global Mailbox.

Apart from that, the process was awful and I didn’t get the best features.


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