Kinect Cost Microsoft $150 To Make; Could We Be Seeing A $99 Kinect At Launch? (Update: Kinect Shows Up In Microsoft Store)

Microsoft already announced that their camera, Kinect, will be launching on November 4th. However, they haven’t announced a price yet. Many retailers including Amazon and Gamespot have pre-orders set at $150. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the price.

There is word that Microsoft is still in heavy talks on what the pricing should be.

There is a source that says that the developing cost of Kinect amounts up to $150.

The question is what Microsoft will do next. Do they price their product at $100 and sell a lot to gain profit later or do they sell at $150 to gain profit now and when manufacturing costs drop, reduce the price later.

They could price the Kinect in the middle. Right now, I think Microsoft is probably gauging the public’s reaction to the pre-order price.

We’ll see what Microsoft does next. The safest bet would probably be a bundle complete with the Xbox 360 S and the Kinect.


To add to the confusion about Kinect’s price, Microsoft themselves have put the Kinect camera up for pre-order at the price at $150. One could say that this could be final. If its in Microsoft’s own online store, it has to be price right?

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