Synergy: Zune And Bing Team Up; Bing Entertainment Is Official

Today, Microsoft unveiled something new. They created new features for their Bing search engine. They added Zune to the Bing search page. The new page is

The Bing team has added Lyrics, a TV page, improved search for music and movies as well as games.

The Zune addition seems to be the big one. It seems like they are now able to stream music on the Bing page. In testing, it allows you to stream the song fully the first time and then a 30 second preview afterward. I’m assuming you could stream for free if you had a Zune Pass.

The Bing team added that you are working on the ability for users to purchase music from Zune and Amazon MP3 in the near future.

Another new addition to Bing is games. They have basically integrated Microsoft casual games into Bing.

Bing also added a TV feature. You can now watch popular TV shows from Hulu but you never leave the Bing page. Its very nicely done.

All in all, Microsoft is doing some nice things with Bing. I dare say Bing is somewhat a little more innovative than Google at this point. They had an advantage with Zune and now you have integrated it with their Bing experience. There is also word that Bing is coming to the Xbox 360 in November.

Microsoft has to be given props what they are doing with their Bing search engine. I always say competition is good. The ball may be in Google’s court right now. If Google can come with a good music equivalent as the rumors say, it will be great for users.

[Bing Blog] [Bing Entertainment]


One thought on “Synergy: Zune And Bing Team Up; Bing Entertainment Is Official

  1. Cool write up, man. I’m always glad to hear that microsoft’s advancing zune….b/c their campaign for it thus far has been pretty weak, which is sad considering how dope the software/hardware is.

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