Verizon iPhones Coming In January 2011

The iPhone might finally be coming to Verizon.

If you don’t know by now, AT&T has an exclusive deal with Apple which ends later this year.

According to sources, Verizon will start selling the iPhone in January. It is expected that they will sell the iPhone 4.

This could be a big blow for AT&T. Many have complained about dropped calls and in reality, the iPhone has made AT&T what it is today. If the Verizon iPhone has better service, many might flock to Verizon and abandon AT&T. Verizon too has a lot of very good Android phones which include the Motorola Droid as well as the Droid Incredible.

AT&T has failed to get any great Android phones to its network and I feel they might fall behind. If they get some good Windows Mobile 7 phones, they might be safe. But as of right now, they better have great phones in their pipeline for next year.



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