What EA Needs To Do To Make Madden 11 A Better Football Game (Updated)

Time has passed and a lot of Madden 11 content has come out. I’m been critical about what the guys at EA need to do to make this game different from the previous versions.

EA has done some things which I like but still left some things on the table which I thought was crucial.

I don’t think I’m ready to shell out $60 for this game just yet:

1. Better Broadcast Elements (Good improvements)

I mentioned this last time and I like what I’m seeing. I’ve seen clips where the players is on the team bus going to the stadium. Other clips have shown team huddles with some team chants. I haven’t seen a lot but I’m hoping there’s more TV type presence in the game. I’m still hoping to see some more ESPN integration.

2. Better Commentary (Good News and Bad News)

I like what I’m seeing. Gus Johnson doing commentary. GREAT! But there’s a downside. Chris Colinsworth and from what I’ve heard, his lines sound EXACTLY the same as last year. That sounds really lazy to me. Hopefully they gave him more lines.

3. Better Be A Pro Mode (Unknown)

Haven’t seen much but from what I’ve seen, they may have cut this feature or they’ve revamped it. We’ll see.

4. Customized Plays

I think its safe to say that EA took a little of my advice. They haven’t made plays customizable but their new feature, Gameflow, allows you to prepare for games with a pre-selection of plays. Hopefully, they’ll make these plays more customizable in Madden 12

5. Keep Working On Online Play

They’ve done some advancements in this. They’ve worked on Online team play and this will probably please some fans of Online Madden games.

One thing I can say about EA Madden is that they work on technical stuff. Their new feature, Locomotion, doesn’t really seem to have a great effect. Believe me, it works but for the user playing the game, they might not notice a lot.

They have worked on computer AI and run blocking. Hopefully it works when they release the game.

Honestly, the game looks largely unchanged. There have been improvements especially in AI and run blocking. Commentary looks unchanged except for Gus Johnson and I haven’t seen a lot of ESPN integration but I’m hoping there’s something like that in the mix.

On another note, NCAA Football 11 looks GREAT! The demo I played really impressed me. If Madden 11 doesn’t  work for you, I highly suggest you check that out.


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