Over Or Under: What Will Happen At Apple’s Press Conference?

Ok, folks, Apple has announced a press conference this Friday. It’s probably to deal with the iPhone 4 problems. The question is: what exactly will happen at the press conference? I have a few suggestions:

  1. Over or Under %: Apple announces the iPhone 5 –  I say 10% chance this happens.
  2. Over or Under %: Apple decides to give out free bumper cases for all iPhone 4 users – I go 30% chance that this happens. Apple is known to have their accessories highly price. So for them to give a “free”  accessory is not likely. But people change…
  3. Over or Under %: Apple recalls the iPhone 4 – 15% chance. There was a report that to recall the iPhone 4 will cost $1.5 billion! I think Apple has seeing the news that not all the iPhones have problems so I don’t see them doing a recall. I also think they know that Mac heads are loyal and will therefore try to ride this out
  4. Over or Under %: Apple announces a new hardware configuration to fix problem – 80%. I’ve heard that Apple has been quietly giving users new phones that appear to have no death grip problems. It’s likely that they could announce this and ask people with problems to bring them in for a replacement.
  5. Over or Under %: Apple tells people to just deal with it until the iPhone 5 comes out – 20%. Hey anything can happen.
  6. Over or Under %: The Old Spice guy announced as new iPhone spokesperson – %100. Yeah, I really want that to happen

Safe to say, I have no idea whats going to happen but it will be an interesting press conference nonetheless.


Props to Boing Boing for coming up with this picture:


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