Inception: A Complex Review

What can I say about Inception what everybody hasn’t said. It’s as good as advertised and will definitely test your mind throughout the movie.

Let me state this first. When viewing this movie, you have to be as open mined as possible. I can’t stress this enough. Viewing this movie is like watching the Matrix for the first time: confusing and complex. But if you’re able to open up and just watch everything unfold, you’ll be fine.

Let’s start the premise of the movie without revealing spoilers: The movie is basically about Leonardo DiCarprio’s character. In the movie, he is basically a thief who steals ideas from other people’s minds. This is where the definition of Inception comes in. In the movie, Inception is about planting an idea into someone’s mind but the catch is that the person has to believe that this idea is his own and not an implant. Leonardo DiCarprio basically has to implant an idea into someone’s mind.

This movie will mess you up mentally. Have you ever heard about a dream being in another dream? That’s what Christopher Nolan has done. He has turned the idea of a dream being in another dream in another dream in a movie. This is where the confusion might set in if you don’t pay attention.

I couldn’t help but think that this movie felt like Ocean’s 11 but on a dream scale. Leonardo DiCarprio has an entourage which consists of Ellen Page and Joseph Levitt and they all have their parts to play.

There are a lot of great effects in this movie. From upside down fights, gun fights, Bullet time scenes, and a lot of dream sequences. It’s all blended beautifully together to create a masterpiece. The music and score add great value to most of the scenes. Hans Zimmer is great at what he does. If you loved the Dark Knight music, you’ll love the music here as well.

I wish I could go more into the scenes of the movie but I’m afraid I might reveal spoilers. I encourage you to see it. But just like most Christopher Nolan films, this movie is long. 2 hours long that is. If you can’t watch movies for more than an hour and a half, you might not keep up with this movie.

So there. Inception is a great movie with very few flaws. The cast in this movie is great also. Effects and action scenes are on point and plot twists are in abundance.

If you like psychological action movies, Inception is a must see. If you don’t like mind benders or plot twisters, you might not find this movie as bearable as I did.

Inception will (should) win a lot of awards. I loved it and might see it again just for fun.

Thanks to Inception, my new favorite word: Paradox

(sidenote: Ellen Page is really cute. I think I have a crush)


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