Kinect Price And Bundles Announced; How To Buy The Right Versions

Today, Microsoft announced the much anticipated price for the Kinect Sensor. A couple of bundles were also announced and prices were also given. In order to get your money’s worth, I thought I’d share what I think would be the best purchase:

Kinect Sensor: Let’s start with the Kinect camera. As many of retailers had suggested, the price of the camera is indeed $149. Some may view this as too steep while others may see it as just right. I see it as just right considering that $149 is the manufacturing price. If you know economics, you know that to make a profit, it’s best to price higher than the cost price. So considering the current price, be happy that Kinect is not priced higher.

If the current price is too high for you but you want a Kinect camera, your best choice is either a bundle or too wait for the price is drop.

Kinect Bundle: This is a more attractive choice. The Kinect Bundle will cost $299 and will include a Xbox 360 S console with 4GB of internal memory (250GB hard drive not included). It will also come with the Kinect camera and a game, Kinect Adventures.

There will also be a separate version of the new Xbox 360 Slim. This will cost $199 and will have 4GB of internal memory with no hard drive. Microsoft hasn’t announced the date when they will sell the separate 250GB hard drive and in my opinion, they better announce it soon. It will be released on August 3rd.

Kinect games will also be priced at $49.99 instead of the regular $59.99 with 15 games available at launch which include Dance Central.

The Kinect camera and bundle will be available on November 4. So here are your options:

Option 1: If you don’t have an Xbox 360 at the moment, I suggest you get the Kinect bundle. 4GB doesn’t sound so attractive if you want to download demos and arcade games but it is more likely that Microsoft will announce the price for the 250GB hard drive between now and November. I estimate the price is range from $49.99 to $80. Don’t be shocked if its a $100. If you add that that up: $299 + $50 = $350 (if the HDD is $50). $299 + $100 = $400 (if HDD is $100).

That is not bad. You get the new Xbox 360 Slim with Kinect + a free game. You better start saving now 🙂

Option 2: If you have an Xbox 360 and want the Kinect camera now, you better swallow hard and let your wallet do the talking. The Kinect camera does come with a free game, Kinect Adventures. Then again, not everybody wants to play Kinect Adventures and you may want to shell out $50 for Dance Central or something else. That will run you $200.

If you want that option, better start saving.

Option 3: Patience is virtue. Just wait it out. If you want a new console, go for the Kinect bundle. If you have a console already but not ready to buy the camera, wait for the price drop maybe next year (maybe Summer 2011 depending on sales).

I think those are your 3 best options. You don’t have to get a Kinect if you don’t want to. Sometimes it pays to wait. When it comes out, check out the reviews before making your decision.

I don’t what will happen when Kinect gets released. I do think Microsoft could have an advantage especially with the Kinect bundle. If they market properly, Parents to give out the cash and buy it for their kids. I don’t see this camera like the EyeToy. It has more functionality.

We’ll see what happens in November. Happy Shopping!


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