Guest Post: Can Kinect Really do a Controller-free FPS Right?

Kinect has undoubtedly been dubbed Microsoft’s whack at the casual gamer niche and it seems more than obvious when you take a look at the games set to launch along side the controller free device. What about Hardcore gamers though, what about the first-person shooters? Late last month, a Microsoft representative spoke to an online news outlet about their intentions with Kinect.

“Certainly over the launch phase and this Christmas in particular I think you’ll see very much pure Kinect for 360 experiences that will appeal to broad young/older/female/family audiences,”

The MS rep went on to say that later on down the road Kinect will cater to “core” gamers and even pointed out the popularity of Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3 at Comic-Con this year, both of which are hardcore shooters. To speculate on the mechanics of a shooter that could be developed for the controller free Xbox 360 kinect device: One could use their hand in the shape of a gun, or pretend to hold a rifle when controlling a rifle in-game. A cocking motion could be used to reload, a motion with the hand toward the back could signal a change in weapon.

The idea of actually having to buy a peripheral(a pistol or rifle) doesn’t seem to far off from reality. It would bring in additional revenue for the game developers and assuming Kinect has the ability to recognize devices being held, might actually add to the enjoyment of playing shooters using kinect. Does it defeat the point of a controller-free gaming experience though? Will consumers and more importantly, “core” gamers go for it?


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