An Idea I Can Get Behind: Tablet Maker Kno Wants To Make A Dual Screen Digital Textbook

I haven’t blogged for a bit (busy, school….) but I decided to write about this particular gadget because it’s an idea I have been thinking about.

A tablet maker by the name of Kno want to make a Dual Screen Tablet (Courier?) and it’s main uses would be for a textbook for students. Being a student myself, this is something I can really get behind.

Being in college, textbooks these days are getting more expensive and getting bigger. Carrying huge books actually hurts my back. The ability to carry all my textbooks albeit in electronic form is something I find very innovative.

I’m an advocate for real books and not a big fan of e-books but I know that they are the future so I better get used to it.

The company behind the tablets plan on beta testing in the fall and I hope they send one my way *(Fingers crossed)



One thought on “An Idea I Can Get Behind: Tablet Maker Kno Wants To Make A Dual Screen Digital Textbook

  1. Tablets MAY take over for textbooks when we solve a few iprmotant issues. First of all, the vendors HAVE TO AGREE ON A STANDARD. Second, there are some serious problems with abuse tolerance and general robustness of the hardware. WHY are we still putting GLASS into these things?If it’s meant to replace a book, (or bookshelf for that matter.) I want to be able to bookmark, highlight and mark it with border notes. Also, lend it, give it away, and pass on a few paragraphs from time to time.Also, since we have a computer here, after all, why couldn’t it be expected to take care of the references when a book or periodical is referenced or quoted in an article or term paper and send the proper info along with the copied text?I love the concept of tablets and ebooks, but I don’t need cute page turning animations and the stuff I DO need isn’t quite available (allowed.) So in my opinion, they’re not ready to save the trees yet.

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