About.Me Is The Perfect About Me Site I’ve Been Looking For

What is about.me? It’s basically a custom splash page and personal analytics dashboard according to the website. I find it to be a nice cross between Facebook and Twitter.

The first thing you do is to reserve your name on the site. Mine is about.me/josephkuuire. Since the site is new, when you reserve your name, you have to wait at least one week for verification. After that, you’re free to personalize your page. You can select your own custom background but most users I’ve seen use their own pictures. You can then write a small bio of yourself. You can also change fonts.

You also have the option to add services like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In at the bottom of your bio.

I think this site has a lot of potential and it depends on how you use it. To me this site seems like portal to all your other social networking sites and your personal website.

Right now, I’m testing this with Microsoft Tag to see what it would look like.

Check it out for yourself: About.me. While you’re at it, check out my page: About.me/josephkuuire


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