EA Decides To Delay NBA Elite 11 Till 2011 Following Negative Feedback From Demo

Electronic Arts was set to release NBA Elite 11 alongside NBA 2k11 next month in October. But today, Peter Moore (head of EA Sports) wrote in a blog that they have decided to delay the game till next year because they believed that the game is not yet ready.

He’s not alone in his statement. The Elite 11 demo was released a couple of weeks ago and has so far been getting a lot of negative feedback from the media as well as fans. I haven’t played the game myself but from the demo videos I’ve seen, it has a long way to go before it will be accepted by sports game fans.

Let me be the first to say that I like what EA is doing. They have listened to the community and decided to work on bringing out a quality game. Most developers don’t have the guts to pull their games before release and polish it up.

EA had a huge mountain to climb with it’s new game. By changing the name from Live to Elite, EA basically said that this new version of NBA Elite would fully compete. Their goals were extremely high but the demo didn’t show anything ground breaking and EA realized that and decided to delay its game. NBA 2k11 would have trounced EA if both games were released. NBA 2k11 looks fantastic and EA definitely needs to step up its game.

The good news is that NBA Jam which was supposed to be included in NBA Elite 11 will now sell by itself during the holidays.

Kudos to EA have their decision and here’s hoping that when Elite does come out, it’s a better game.

[EA Sports Blog]


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