Random Thoughts: The Cynical Tech World We Love In

I love technology. I like gadgets that are cool and have functionality.

Something donned on me the other day and I feel like getting it out. When did the tech world we live become cynical? When did we start whining about tech devices that had minor flaws and then deem them as a Fail?

Most of the gadget blogs I read these days always seem to have some sort of cynicism in them. When some new devices are launched, the blog commentators are skeptical. Skepticism is good. But sometimes it goes too far that people just decide that an upcoming device is crap when they haven’t even touched it.

I remember the days when devices would come out and people would be amazed about how the devices worked and looked. Now these days, whenever a new device comes out and resembles anything like it’s competitors, people will dub it as a clone or a failure even if that new device has a new feature.

Innovation always comes into play when building a new product. People nowadays say they like innovation but they seem to strike it down has a project that has nothing to do with a current project. Take Microsoft and Google. These are 2 companies notoriously for working on projects that seem to add nothing to their current products. The problem is everybody seems to knock them for doing that.

Take the news about Google’s automated driving cars. The first thing that came to my mind was how cool the project was. The fact that the project, which could be developed later in the future, could actually drive itself almost to a perfection. Hopefully, it result in less accidents.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t see it my way and said that Google is wasting resources and money into this project.

Same thing with Microsoft. Microsoft has been developing touch screen tables called Microsoft Surface. I think it’s also a cool project which could have huge benefits in the future. Unfortunately, everybody says the same thing: Stop wasting money and develop something now!

R&D is important. It’s like researching for cures for diseases. In the case of tech companies, it can help develop new concepts for devices and new technologies. Unfortunately in this day and age, everybody cares about the now. Analysts want companies to develop products for the now for 1st Quarter – 4 Quarter. It’s all about the numbers.

Sadly, the tech world feels the same way and want things now instead of down the road and that’s unfortunate.

This generation of techies have become so obsessed with what they want now, they are neglecting what they might want in the future.

Let’s not downgrade and give companies who push different innovations the thumbs down and instead ponder and think what these new things could bring in the future.

(I’d like to thank Larry Dignan for his post which inspired me to write mine: ZDNet)


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