Microsoft Kinect And Why The Sci-Fi Future is Imminent

Imagine walking your home. You go to your living room and say these words:” TV on!” Your television comes on with the sound of your voice. You then say: “Select Cable” and your TV switches to the cable output. From there you can select whatever channel you want by using your voice or by gesture movements without using a remote.

If Microsoft’s Kinect is as successful as predicted, that might actually inspire the next wave of innovation.

Kinect right now is in its infant stages. It shows a little lag here and there but is compromisable. The early games are have that family fun attributed to it and thus Microsoft is advertising their new devices to be fun and family oriented.

Microsoft has already taken that early step in the scenario i described early by having the Kinect device be voice enabled. As of now, it is limited in what it can do. You can make it play videos, select specific things like close the CD tray and watching ESPN. But the potential is definitely there for the voice features to be expanded.

Does Microsoft Kinect have it’s flaws? Definitely. The space required in your living environment for the camera to optimally work might require you to move stuff around.

But like I said before, it’s a version 1.0 product. I expect some software updates to roll out from Microsoft which could reduce lag and maybe even reduce space required for the camera to work well.

Right now, Kinect is positioned as a gaming peripheral. It could be so much more.

Hopefully other companies will be inspired to create more motion based tech with voice technology. Either way, here’s hoping that Kinect 2.0 is somewhere in the near future.


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