Xbox 360 Is A Sleeping Giant In The Living Room

I was supposed to write this blog post TWO WEEKS AGO! But I got lazy and now I’ve been upstaged by the media. I was going to write about how Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was a sleeping giant in the TV space and now reports have confirmed my suspicion with the reports that Microsoft is working on TV networks to bring their content to the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 is quickly becoming the all in one box. It plays games, DVDs, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, ESPN 360 and soon enough, it will get Hulu Plus.

The reports say that Microsoft is working to get exclusive content such as HBO to the Xbox. It will subscription based but there’s no confirmed report on how payment form will be done.

This will be a huge win for Microsoft and could actually make the Xbox 360 the ultimate entertainment if this deal goes through. There’s already some excitement about the potential of Kinect.

The competition in the TV space are Apple TV and new comer Google TV. Both could be facing a juggernaut in the Xbox 360 if Microsoft works out a deal which bring exclusive content.

I’m not ready to completely get rid of my cable box because I still need to watch sports events especially the NBA and NFL. If however, Microsoft is able to bring in the full ESPN and NFL packages, I will throw my cable box out the window.

The future of TV is in streaming and online content. The cable guys better find a way to adapt to it or they could get left in the dust.


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