10 Predictions For Tech In 2011

1. iPad 2.0 – Apple will be Apple and they will release a version 2 of the iPad and it will have a front and back facing camera as well as some hardware enhancements.

2. Verizon iPhone – This keeps popping up all the time but this time I think it’s legit. The AT&T exclusivity deal ended this year and Big Red (Verizon) has been working on it’s network for a while, probably in order to handle more traffic. I will be shocked if we don’t see a Verizon iPhone next year. It will probably be announced in early 2011 and be released in the summer.

3. iPhone 5 – Again, Apple will continue their tradition of updating their phones every year. The iPhone 5 will have hardware enhancements but not sure if it will have 4G capability. My guess is, it will.

4. Tablets, Tablets, Tablets – There will be an (unfortunate) explosion of tablet computers. Most of them are going to Androids and some Windows 7. There are rumblings that Microsoft is working on a new OS for tablets but there’s yet to be seen.

5.  Mobile and Social Games Will Be BIG – The iPhone started the trend and now WP7 and Android will continue it.  Sony is going to put an Android gaming device and WP7 with Xbox Live will get more games and more people will continue to play mobile games. The PSP will continue to dwindle until the PSP2 is released. But I think the PSP2 will have very little effect for Sony. More people will unfortunately become Farmville addicts.

6. TV Teleconferencing – Skype is still great when video chatting on your PC but I think TV could be the next frontier. Cisco has already started the trend but they are overcharging for it. Kinect in my opinion is the best option. I think it will benefit Microsoft if they open up the video chat option for everyone and not limit it to MSN messenger.

7. More Electric Cars – Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt are the first ones out and I think there could be more consumer demand for electric cars next year. GM is going to make a push and GE will be making more electric recharge stations. Europe may get a head start because they are more open than the US.

8.  More On Demand And More Movie Streaming – I think CDs will be dead next year as more people will be streaming more heavily. Netflix is ahead and I think Hulu might try to get a deal for movie rentals as well.

9. Dual Core Smartphones – LG has already announced their first dual core smartphone and I think there will be more on the way. Hopefully Blackberry gets one of those dual core in their phones before they go out of existence.

10. Tablet-Based Newspapers And Magazines – The newspaper and magazines keep going down and down but I think they will be reinvented in the form of e-magazines and e-newspapers. I think we will see more iPad and Tablet based magazine apps as wells as newspaper apps.

Have any suggestions on what we could see in 2011 in terms of tech? Feel free to comment


One thought on “10 Predictions For Tech In 2011

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