Zune HD2 Could/Should Be The Official Xbox Live Mobile Device

I don’t know if Microsoft is working on a next version of their Zune HD device but if they do, it would benefit them greatly if they made it into their official Xbox Live mobile device.

The trends in the mobile market seem to be pointing towards people getting into more mobile games. The iPhone and iPod Touch are a big success thanks in large part due to apps especially for the iPod Touch. The Zune HD has had minimal success but it is an underrated device to say the least. The apps and games on the Zune HD are minimal but the device shines more as a music/video player.

Like I said before, I don’t know if Microsoft if working on a Zune HD2 but if they were, I have a few features I’d like to see:

Xbox Live Has To Be Your Killer Feature

Games have to be the central theme of the Zune HD2. Microsoft has been successful with Xbox Live and have recently launched it on their Windows Phone 7 platform. The success of the iPod Touch, I believe, can be largely attributed to the gaming apps. If Microsoft can get a large developer base (I believe they do) to produce some high quality Xbox Live games for mobile, it would go a long way for Microsoft to take over the social gaming market.

Mobile to mobile multiplayer as well as Mobile to Console multiplayer should also be in the pipeline if developing Xbox Live mobile.

Taking Care Of Business

The Windows Phone 7 platform seems to have gone off to a good start so I see no problem with Microsoft taking an Apple route by putting the Windows Phone 7 OS onto the Zune HD2. Some new added features such as Wifi downloading of podcasting and on the fly creating of playlists would be welcome features.

Don’t know if Microsoft will release the Zune HD2 or not. I’ve always thought that Microsoft has been slow with their innovation while Apple has been running away with it. Apple has been slow to adapt while Microsoft has looked sluggish. I’ll give credit to Microsoft for the Zune HD and their new Windows Phone 7 OS. But in order to have success next year, they have to keep it up.


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