Rant: I’m Sick Of These Motherf*&^%$ Tablets!

I’m sorry if my headline is a bit much but I think there is a problem with most of these companies pushing out tablets.

The iPad is a good device. It’s not revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination but it is very simple to use and has a wide array of apps that make it attractive.

Apple is a company that most people would buy products from no matter what they sold and they are a trend setter in the tech industry. With the growing popularity of the iPad, most other tech companies are trying to emulate the iPad and to be very honest, they are doing a TERRIBLE job.

Android on tablets is not truly the best answer until  Google decides to put out what they call their Tablet OS, Honeycomb.

I have been very disappointed with Microsoft and their work on tablets. They had the upper hand till Apple totally changed the dynamic with their iOS. Microsoft have been very slow to adapt and if they don’t show up at CES with something, they are done.

That leaves only Apple and Google in the tablet space with Apple in the lead. There have been TOO many iPad wannabes running Android OS and I fear its really diluting the tablet space. I haven’t seen one tablet that offers anything unique or good enough. I haven’t seen any innovation whatsoever. The Galaxy Tab is good enough but it’s hindered by the present Android OS.

One problem I have in general: Why do we need Tablets??

I think smartphones are great: Email on the go, playing games, music, news on the go. Tablets are ok devices but I fail to see the need for them. I guess they are cool to have just because but I don’t like people telling me that they NEED a tablet.

But I do see a form factor like the Galaxy Tab or the Blackberry Playbook being used in businesses.

If companies want to release tablets, thats fine but they need to release better products and not garbage tablets.

And Microsoft needs to step up. I don’t think I want to see only Apple and Google with tablets. They need to stop putting Windows 7 on tablets and expecting people to love it because it’s crap (as a touch product, that is).

CES can’t come soon enough. But then again, do we really need to flooded with useless tablets at this event? We’ll see on January 6th.


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