The Android Invasion Is Here And There’s Nothing Apple Nor Microsoft Can Do To Stop It

That’s probably the longest title I’ve written in a blog but I think it seems up what is currently happening in the state of technology.

Basically it’s simple: Google’s Android is everywhere!

Every new smartphone that is coming to the market is equipped with the Android OS on it. Every tablet manufacturer is putting it on their devices.

At CES, some new cars had Tegra chips in them and I wouldn’t be surprised if they put an Android OS in those cars either.

Android is even finding its way onto your TV with products like Google TV.

The biggest loser with the increase of Android is obviously Microsoft. Microsoft was late to the smart phone market and this gave Google the chance to get into the game and take off. Many people thought that Microsoft would perhaps be the closest competitor to Apple in the tablet market but Google is taking its place and the arrival of Android 3.0 might mean some trouble for the iPad.

Apple might not have to worry much but they definitely need to keep Google in the corner of their eye. The iPhone is clearly the phone of choice for many people but Samsung recently jumped into the smartphone market and became very successful with their Galaxy S line which of course runs…Android.

Android is very cheap and very customizable and therefore everybody wants to put it on their tech products. People might say that Android is “fragmented” but that’s not stopping Android from moving forward. One day, Google is going to get all its software updated to a point where the word “fragmentation” will become and afterthought.

Android is Microsoft’s biggest threat in the smartphone and tablet space but Apple better watch their backs as Google is slowly creeping up on them.

The Android invasion is here and there’s nothing much that can be done to stop it.


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