CES 2011 Review: The Hangover

Seriously, we need to stop having events like these.

The CES 2011, where the tech industry comes together to showcase what they have in line for the future, had a lot on display and I’ll be exploring the various themes.

Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

As I said in the previous post, CES was flooded with a lot of tablets. Some of them were running Windows 7 but majority of them were running the Android OS.

Android 3.0

If you were thinking about getting a Galaxy Tab or you’ve already bought one, you’re in trouble. Android 3.0 was unveiled and we all saw that it was designed specifically for tablets. My initial impressions were that this is the best tablet OS right now. This is not iOS or Android OS for mobile put on a tablet but rather a specific OS designed for a tablet.

There have been reports that Android 3.0 would require a dual core processor but other reports have said that isn’t true. No word from Google but people close to the situation say that a dual core processor isn’t required. I wonder what Samsung and other companies who have tablets on the market will do with Android 3.0. My thoughts are even if a dual core processor isn’t require, your tablet better have high specs.

Windows Still Has A Tablet Problem, Silence is Mildly Defeaning

Many people including me were expecting Microsoft to show if not a finished Tablet OS, at least a preview of it but we were all disappointed when it was the usual Windows 7 tablets with some new skins. The announcement of Windows using ARM was a welcome but the lack of a timeline as to a release seems to point to next year when Windows 8 is released. It might a little late for Microsoft in the tablet market but we’ll wait and see.

Usual Suspects

What more can be said about CES. Gadgets get announced and most of them don’t even make it to launch date. Some products are just over-ambitious and never make it to market. 3D TVs were supposed to be big last year and nothing happened.  A lot of smartphones were shown including dual core phones. These phones don’t offer anything new apart from a new processor and Android OS.

Most of these phones get 4G/LTE. Not sure how consumers will understand the whole 4G concept and even buy into it so that’s yet to be seen.

So what did we learn from CES? 4G is coming, tablets are exploding onto the scene, Microsoft will be late to the tablet market and dual core phones are the new fad.

There was some great innovation but unfortunately, at a giant trade show like CES, it will be buried among the others.

There was also a lot of pagentry and a lot of marketing bull. It was just over the top sometimes. A lot of bull talk and a lot of PR talk.

Was this the best CES? Can’t say. Depends on how many products announced get released.

I’m fatigured! So many electronics, not enough money. See you next year! Maybe not…


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