Are We Drowning In Too Much Tech?


I couldn’t help but look at the recent CES event and thought of this question: Are we getting TOO much technology in our lives? And by that I mean are we getting fooled into thinking we need all these gadgets? Even more so, do we really NEED these gadgets?

Let’s look at the evidence:


Seriously, do you need a tablet? Seriously, do you NEED one? Why? Ever since the iPad, everybody and their grandmother wants one just because. The way I see it, they want it because of the “cool” factor. Remember in high school when everybody was getting the cool toys and you wanted one just to say you’re cool too? Tech gadgets feel the same way.

Some of the tablets are cool and some have some good functionality but overall, people going in droves to buy tablets is overdoing it. I understand the use of  tablets use in business but do we consumers really NEED tablets or are we buying these things to stay “cool”.


Smartphones are different. I have one. Smartphones are very useful. You get email, maps, and news on the go. Apps have made smartphones more valuable. The thing I’m seeing is that people LOVE their phones. I mean “love” in a very scary way. They depend on them a little too much. The obsession with apps is becoming scary as well. I was looking at my iPhone recently and I couldn’t help but think: This device is not as great as people perceive it to be. Don’t great me wrong. It’s a nice phone but then thats all it is: A phone.

Whenever a new iPhone launches, it sometimes shocks me when I see giant waiting lines just to buy one of these devices. You would think people were lining up to buy a vaccine that cures them of all diseases.

Smartphones are great devices but we need to stop over-valuing them.


Who doesn’t love a big screen TV? But do we really need refresh our TVs every year. It seems like every Black Friday, consumers bum rush Best Buy to just to buy a new TV because its a bigger size. The new addition of Internet connected TVs will result in even more TV refreshes. The most interesting thing is that consumers will buy these internet TVs even though they don’t fully understand them.

So what am I trying to say?

I’m trying to say that we are becoming infatuated with our gadgets. Some of devices such as smart phones and tablets are useful but we need to stop treating them like they are the holy grail and we all need to possess all of them.

I’ve had my iPhone 3G since it was launched and haven’t found any reason to upgrade. It works fine and still makes calls.  Most apps still work on it. I am looking for an upgrade because the battery life is worsening and it has a cracked screen. I didn’t see a point in upgrading “just because”.

I carry 3 devices. My iPhone, Zune HD and sometimes my laptop. If my iPhone had more space, I wouldn’t have a Zune HD and I need more music. I find absolutely no need for a tablet because my laptop get more of the work done.

I find it disturbing that we are as a society are becoming more enamored with our society and not socializing in person. It scares me when the younger generation are so more focused on gadgets and your facebook pages instead of human contact.

If there’s ever a huge Electro Magnetic Force that erupted and all electronic gadgets stopped working, I fear for the fate of humanity.

Seriously, how are we ever going to tweet?


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